How it all works

We are always looking for new items to go in each box. Have a suggestion for an item? Reach out to us at

Read below for information of how the process works

How it works 


Standard Monthly: 

This box contains anywhere from 3-5 items each month. We have lots of large and small brands that you may not have had the pleasure of using before.    

New Subscribers 

All new subscribers will receive a box in the same month as long as the order is placed before the 12th of the month. If your order is placed after the 12th, your first box will be the following month. 

For example, if you subscribe on May 12th, you will receive a box around the end of the month. The next time you will be charged and receive a box will be in June as renewals happen on the 3rd. If you order on the 13th of the month, your first  box will be shipped the following month. In the example, your first box would be June. Sometimes we do have enough stock to fill boxes in the same month, but this is first come first served and is not guaranteed. 

If you have any questions send us an email.

New subscriber boxes are the same as the boxes that are going out during the month that you sign up on. There is a small chance in which the boxes going out will be the different than what existing customers receive, this solely depends upon our stock after filling existing subscriptions and what goes in each box.  

We ship new subscriber boxes out on a monthly basis not a set amount of days after ordering.   Existing Subscribers 

Renewal dates are on the 3rd of each month. Once the payment is successful, all boxes will ship out by the end of the month. 

If you receive something damaged, please let us know right away so that we can send out a replacement at    


There are a multitude of reasons in which a subscriber may want to cancel. Reach out to us first at and see if there is anything we can do for you. If not, you can cancel your subscription from renewing at any time in your online account. This does not issue a refund, it simply stops the subscription from renewing. 

There are no cancellation fees for monthly subscribers. We do not allow cancellations on prepaid term subscriptions such as the 3 month one offered now. This is because manufacturing is started months in advance for some of our shears.  

Groombox does not offer refunds for any boxes. Damaged items will be replaced with like or similar items.