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GroomBox Tester Grooming Kit Right Hand


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Product Description

This is not only your chance to save, but to score as well! This kit features some of our Tester Shears along with our personal favorites. This kit is sure to please any groomer whether new or old. Includes: 7" Straight Shears, 6.5" Thinners, 7" Straights, 6" Straights, 7" Reversible Curves, 7" Blenders, 6" Straights, 6.5" Straights, Long Pin Slicker, Little Red Slicker, Lumo Ridgeback brush, Pin Brush, Tick Remover Kit, Nail Clippers, Half-Moon Comb, Mini Comb, 5x Nail Grinding Drums, Dematting Rake, Deshedding Rake, Tool Pen, PCS Deshedding Brush(Our choice of size), Davis Leave on Conditioner, Davis Moxie Coat Mist, Earthbath Sea Kelp Shampoo, #10 Groombox Blade, PCS 2 speed clipper, and PCS Trimmer. Also includes preinstalled finger rings, combs and charger for trimmer, and charger for the white clipper, and shear oil(not pictured). Please note that all blades are not compatible with the clipper. Retail on this kit is over $1000. This is your chance to save and see what we are all about!

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