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We get it here at GroomBox, the market is crowded with so many options, how do you try them out without wasting a ton of money to do so? GroomBox is the answer! From premium designed shears built to last with all the greatest features, to those makers with their heart and soul in their products, you are sure to find your new favorites from GroomBox. Really love the products you received? Reach out to the brands and let them know you heard about them from GroomBox and enjoy exclusive discounts and wholesale pricing negotiated for you on your behalf as a GroomBox subscriber. 

Every box we send tells a story, and every shear has a story of how it came to be. We don't send anything that we don't use ourselves. GroomBox is a groomer focused company!


A little about our GroomBox mission…

Our mission is to spread awareness, both in the grooming industry and the conservation of our natural Earth. Every box is shipped with recycled boxes, paper tape, and newsprint packaging. We cut out plastic wherever we can, to help do our part. In addition, we have 20 acres in Virginia that we are rebuilding the natural forest and our extensive media library showcases the natural beauty of our earth. 

Our secondary  goal for GroomBox is to stop the predatory pricing practices that occur in the industry. There is no reason that shears and tools should be as expensive as they are. We produce shears that consistently beat out the competition, and bundle them with brands that have similar interests in the industry, to give you the best value that is hard to beat anywhere else. 

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How it all started


The idea of GroomBox was born in 2017 when we found ourselves spending a significant amount of money on grooming tools and supplies. We realized there had to be a more affordable and convenient solution. That's when GroomBox was conceived. Since our inception, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to provide top-notch grooming  supplies and shears at prices that won't break the bank. Our mission is simple: to offer quality grooming tools and supplies without the premium price tag, and give back where we can.

You might wonder why you haven't heard of us before. The answer is  simple: we invest in what goes into the box, not just in marketing. We refuse to compromise on quality to cut costs at the expense of our customers. We understand that grooming tools can be expensive, and our ultimate goal is to introduce custom-manufactured products at affordable price points, ensuring that the grooming industry benefits from both  quality and affordability.

GroomBox is your partner in achieving grooming excellence without breaking the bank. Thank you for considering us! 

About Us

Nestled in the picturesque city of Pensacola, Florida, GroomBox began its journey in Fort Walton Beach, Florida in 2017. We are passionate about grooming and dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. To achieve this, we prioritize eco-friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, reflecting our commitment to a sustainable future.

Our network spans across the globe, working directly with manufacturers from various countries to bring you a diverse range of grooming tools and accessories, catering to both your large and small-scale needs. At GroomBox, we're on a mission to support smaller businesses that create exceptional products, often overlooked in favor of larger brands. As fellow small business owners, we believe in the  power of unity, which is why we're dedicated to promoting and empowering businesses like ours.

Get in Touch

Have a question or need assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us; we're here to help. At GroomBox, we offer a wide range of grooming salon supplies to meet your specific needs. Simply drop us a line at, and we'll do our best to assist you.

In the beginning...

We really didn't know anything other than an idea of what the industry needed. Since 2017, we have produced shears with a variety of metals, edges, handles, and hardware to test out what groomers really loved in regards to shears. Those first couple of years were rough, as sometimes we hit it out the park, and other times we did not. The goal was the same, to find a balance between performance, and affordability without having to skimp on quality. 

We have tried it all in custom manufacturing, from different angles on bevels, to convex edges, and everything in between. We tried every grade of metal available on the market all the way up to Cobalt and VG10 for shears and all the way down to the bottom of the barrel metals. During this process, we learned what each of you love and need out of your shears. 

Where we are today...

Fast forward to 2019 and we finally refined our testing processes to deliver a quality shear that is built to last, and holds an edge longer than a lot of the shears on the market in the same price point. Our shears now have high-end features such as ball bearings, micro-serrations, lightweight handles, and expertly designed themes to deliver an out of this world experience on a shear that is built to last years with proper maintenance. 

Every production we make is another step in the right direction to provide world class shears as rock bottom prices for groomers of all skill levels. Our shears are different because they are made different. From proprietary processes in manufacturing, to our dedicated shear maker who takes all feedback to improve. Won't you join us this adventure?

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