We are refreshing our site with a  new experience! Head on over to www.groombox.co to get started today! 

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New Website Experience!

New select-a-size option! Choose the size shear you want every month, or simply keep it random. To sign up with GroomBox, head on over to www.groombox.co to get started today with an all new experience with GroomBox! 

How it Works

Monthly Subscription Boxes 

Each box will contain a variety of items that change each month. 1 item will always be one of our shears.  Product requests are always welcome! 

Save the Date!

Renewals occur on the 3rd of each month and boxes ship near the end of the month. If you sign up after the 12th, the next renewal will be skipped.

Need a break? 

Reserve your slot and skip, pause, or cancel anytime from your online account. No commitments, join today!

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