Quality Grooming Supplies Delivered Monthly

From high end shears to top-tier brands and those you have never heard of, GroomBox sends it all at one amazingly affordable price! With our exclusive themes, to limited run shears, and curated box experiences, you are sure to find your new favorites in each monthly shipment!

GroomBox offers a host of benefits such as sharpener recommendations, discounted wholesale pricing for your salon, Shear Rescue, 1 year warranty on all shears, and the ability to choose the size shear you receive in every box for only $5 more. Every shear sent has finger rings installed, and is adjusted and oiled so you receive a shear that is ready to use right out of the box. Simply put, there is no subscription box for dog groomers like GroomBox. 

Easy to order

A few clicks here and there, and you are ready to go! Your first box will be shipped a few days after your initial sign-up. After your first box, you join the regular monthly rotation.

Monthly Shipments

Your first box ships a few days after your initial sign-up. After that, you join the regular rotation that ships near the end of every month with tracking. See How it Works for more info! 

Fits any budget

GroomBox has Classic and Lite to fit your budget needs. With no commitment and the ability to pause your renewal or skip from your online account, what's not to love?


GroomBox is happy to take requests and recommendations for products that you want to appear in each box. We always listen to your feedback to improve the box experience for you!

What is GroomBox?

GroomBox is a monthly subscription box for dog groomers that started in 2017. Since then, we have been sending boxes filled with all kinds of tools and supplies such as blades, combs, brushes, grooming tools, shears, and wet products from a variety of brands you may have not had the pleasure of working with. All wet products are full-size products , and our shears are exclusive and limited runs, made in small batches with a focus upon quality. 

There are a lot of companies in the market that provide these things, but no one does it like GroomBox. Each shear theme is meticulously designed to give you a totally unique shear in the market that can not be purchased anywhere else. Rest assured, that we don't typically remake shears either, so you can feel confident in knowing that you are part of something that gives you a level of exclusivity not present with other makers. Want to learn more? See How it Works and Past Boxes.

How It Works

1. Set Your Preferences

Choose your subscription level with GroomBox Lite or Classic to fit your needs. Left-handed or right-handed? Want to choose the size shear you want to receive in each box? For only $5 more a month you'll receive the size you want, in an awesome themed high quality shear. 

2. We Curate Your Box

We scour the globe to find the products that you may have missed and those that are tried and true. Our focus is to make every unboxing just as special as the shears. Plus, enjoy curated discounts and deals for your larger purchases negotiated on your behalf by GroomBox.

3. Enjoy Monthly Presents

Our subscribers commonly refer to GroomBox shipments as little holiday presents! Why? This is because we try to knock it out of the park for every box we send! Want to treat yourself while saving at the same time? GroomBox is the answer as it is hard to beat the value of each box. 

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! GroomBox always contains one of our exclusive designed shears. In the case of GroomBox Classic, you will enjoy 3-5 items with all wet products being full-size. For GroomBox Lite you will receive an add-in item in addition to your shear. 

We have sent it all including blades, dematting tools, grooming tools, nail clippers, aprons, cases, blades, colognes, shampoos, color products. But that's not all! We also include top-tier shears such as swivels, double swivels, curved chunkers, curved thinners, specialty finishing blades, and more to deliver a premium experience with every box. 

Every box comes with a product card that details the products in the box and any personal messages from the brands themselves. In addition, we also send a snack for you as life is not all about work. In the cooler months, we ship Chocolate, and in the warmer months we send meat sticks of all varieties. We don't know what you have heard, but we do know what you are missing out on! Take the GroomBox challenge for yourself and see the difference!


What people say about GroomBox

Keep up with the quality products! Best shears I’ve gotten in years. My faves are curves or any kind! The thinners work wonders and cut so smoothly ❤️ Love and have been speaking of nothing but praises to your subscription plans! 

Junifer S.

Really loved this box, I have been wanting a pair of curved blenders for a while and I wasn’t aware you could make requests so I’m glad other people did. I also really love the nail clippers that came in the box, they work really well. 

Gigi M.

I think this was the best box ever the Slither shears are amazing and I love them! Such high quality and amazing craftsmanship, I love all the shampoos and grooming products that came with the shears this was by far the best box!

Jaz M.