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Slots are limited, once we hit capcity, there will be no new sign-ups, those already subscribed will continue to receive their premium curated selection on a monthly basis.


How It All Works 

Read below for details on how the process works and what to expect.  We are always looking for new products so if you have an idea or are a  manufacturer drop us a line at

How it works 

Boxes ship near the end of the month, every month.  

Classic Monthly: 

This box contains anywhere from 3-5 items each month including one shear. We have lots of  large and small brands that you may not have had the pleasure of using before. 


Lite boxes contain only a shear and a free bonus item that may or may not be grooming related. Great for those who want our awesome shears and those who are budget savvy. 


Duties, tariffs, taxes, and other import charges are the responsibility of the buyer(you). Each GroomBox will be marked the value of what you paid with shipping. We do not pay taxes and duties on exports, these are the responsibility of the buyer. 


Subscribers have the option of choosing the size shear that they receive in every box. This is great for those who only use 1 size shear. Get the size shears you want in each box, no more frustration with shears that are not sized for you.  

New Subscribers 

All new subscribers will receive a box shortly after their first order in the form of a favorites box. Favorites boxes are those that are packed with past favorites and this allows us to ship you a box quickly instead of having to wait for the regular rotation. After your first box, you will join the regular rotation that ships near the end of each month. If you have any questions send us an email to We ship new subscriber boxes out on a monthly basis at the end of month regardless of when your order is placed.  

Existing Subscribers 

Renewal dates are on the date you sign up every month unless we have to move your date per your request or to allocate for the shipping schedule. Once the payment is successful, all boxes will ship out near the end of the month. Please note that it is your responsibility to check your payment dates, and the system will e-mail you when a payment is not successful. Failure to update your info will cause the loss of your slot and it may not be possible to sign back up for the same offering depending upon our capacity. 

In addition, if your renewal does not go through and the current box has shipped, your renewal will be moved to the following month. This also applies if your initial payment did not go through. Under no circumstance will GroomBox ship a monthly box that is paid for after all boxes have shipped for the month. 

If you receive something damaged, please let us know right away so that we can send you further details at:  


There are a multitude of reasons in which a subscriber may want to  cancel. Reach out to us first at and see if there  is anything we can do for you. If not, you can cancel your subscription  from renewing at any time in your online account. This does not issue a refund, it simply stops the subscription from renewing. 

There are no cancellation fees for monthly subscribers. Cancelling your subscription does not refund the payments already made, it only stops future renewals. All boxes already paid for will ship as normal until your orders are filled that have already been paid for. We do not offer refunds on cancelled subscriptions. Your boxes will continue to be delivered until your prepaid subscription runs out. This is because manufacturing is started months in advance for some of our shears.  

GroomBox does not offer refunds for any boxes. Damaged items will be replaced with like or similar items. 


If you refuse your GroomBox shipment, we will make an  attempt to get in touch with you. Refusal of delivery counts as  delivery in the eyes of GroomBox. We can reship your package at your cost to you. Otherwise, if no contact is received, no action will be  taken by GroomBox other than holding your shipments for reshipment to  you for up to 30 days, which we will dispose of afterwards. In the event that we refund on refused delivery, actual postage  cost will be deducted from your refund and you will be banned for life  from GroomBox across all platforms. IF THE DELIVERY CARRIER LEAVES A NOTICE, AND YOU FAIL TO PICK UP THE PACKAGE, THIS COUNTS AS DELIVERY IN THE EYES OF GROOMBOX, NO REFUND WILL BE PROVIDED. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO KEEPING YOUR ADDRESS UP TO DATE. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL WE RESHIP ANOTHER BOX AT NO CHARGE DUE TO YOU NOT KEEPING YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS UP TO DATE.

Delayed Shipments
We make every effort to ensure that your delivery goes off without a hitch. however, in some cases outside of our control, you may experience delays with carriers in delivery. All shipments from GroomBox are insured and in the case of extended delays the following will occur:

1) Once we are notified, after the waiting period(up to 15 days from shipment, differs on carrier used) we will file an insurance claim on your behalf. 

2) Once the claim is successfully paid, we will reship your box to you if stock permits, otherwise you will be issued a full refund. 

3) At no point will we reship while boxes are still moving through the network, or an insurance claim is still open.

Theft of Delivered Packages

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a safe area for delivery. Boxes that are scanned as delivered, will not be reshipped without a letter from the carrier stating it was misdelivered. We are not responsible for stolen packages after the delivery scan, nor will you receive a refund. 

Other Refunds 

We do not refund gift cards or account credits into cash under any circumstance. Also, we do not allow returns and refunds of our  subscription boxes under any circumstance.   

If you have any other questions please simply send us an email at and we will assist you.