Past Boxes

Here you will find some of our past boxes and those that are special to us. There are plenty more, in fact we have sent over 80 unique boxes since 2017. We have featured brands of all sizes in Classic ranging from top-tier companies to the small independent makers who need your support! Our focus is supporting each of you, while also supporting the makers that need our help the most.  Want to be part of the mission where everyone benefits?

May 2024 Classic

GroomBox Classic subscribers received the following for May 2024:

Orange Cream Serrated Straights Sizes 6" 7" or 8"- $99.99 Value

BioGroom Coat Polish Detangler- $14.99 Value

BioGroom So Stinky Scented Spray- $17.99 Value

BioGroom So Stinky Unscented Spray- $17.99 Value

Hunter's Reserve Roadkill Meat Stick- $2.99 Value

Hunter's Reserve Antelope Meat Stick- $2.99 Value

Total Box Value $156.94


April 2024 Classic

GroomBox Classic subscribers received the following for April 2024:

Opal Reversible Curve Micro-serrated Shears SIzes 6" 7" or 8"- $99.99 Value

Bobbi Panter Deshedding Shampoo- $17.99 Value

Bobbi Panter Itchy Dog Shampoo- $17.99 Value

Bobbi Panter Itchy Dog Spray- $15.99 Value

Hunter's Reserve Venison Habanero Meat Stick- $2.99 Value

Hunter's Reserve Wild Boar w/ Honey Meat Stick- $2.99 Value

Total Box Value $157.94


March 2024 Classic

GroomBox Classic Subscribers received the following for March 2024:

The Composer Hybrid Blenders Sizes 6" 7" or 8"- $99.99 Value

Natural Rapport Eye Wipes- $15.95 Value

Natural Rapport Ear Wipes- $15.95 Value

Natural Rapport In Between Bath Spray- $12.95 Value

Total Box Value $144.84


February 2024 Classic

GroomBox Classic Subscribers received the following for February 2024:

Harmony Straight Blenders 6" 7" or 8"- $99.99 Value

MarshMello Dematt 2.0- $15.00 Value

MarshMello Dematt Shampoo- $17.00 Value

MarshMello Dematt Spritz Scent- $10.00 Value

Chocolove Hawaiian Sea Salt Chocolate Bar- $2.99 Value

Total Box Value $144.98


In Loving Memory of Wishbone

Wishbone's Last Wish

He was the bestest boy and a true gem in the world. His memory lives on through GroomBox.

In January 2022, he passed after battling lymphoma. All product cards feature his nose and paw prints, and to celebrate his life, we took a loss on the box for all of our loyal subscribers.

Every Memorial shear we send features his nose print as the logo on the shear. Each shear featuring his nose print is a tribute to our beloved companions who are with us only for a short amount of time. Thank you for being part of GroomBox and helping to ensure his memory lives on with every box sent. 


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How It Works

1. Set Your Preferences

A few clicks here and there and you are ready to go! Want to keep it random or receive your preferred size? The choice is yours! We accommodate both lefties and righties, so everyone can enjoy GroomBox. 

2. We curate your box

Every box is curated with a focus upon providing quality shears and supplies to you for less than purchasing at retail. There simply is not a better way to get such a variety at the price of GroomBox Lite or Classic.

3. Enjoy Monthly Shipments

Boxes ship near the end of each month, every month. When signing up we will ship your first box in a few days so you don't have to wait for the regular box. No commitment, pause or skip right in your account!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GroomBox?

Started in 2017, GroomBox is a subscription box for dog groomers of all skill levels. Each box is curated to provide you not only one of the best values of all of the subscription services, it also serves to introduce you to brands you may have never had the pleasure of using. We feature it all, from large brands, to independent craft makers. Plus, all wet products are full size! Our shears are exclusive and designed in house for a theme that you simply cannot get anywhere else. 

How does it work?

Once you sign up, your first box will be a mix of past favorites loaded with an incredible value. These boxes comes with a summary card, and every regular box comes with a detailed product card. There is no commitment to GroomBox, get one box, a few, or stay for life, the choice is yours! If you need to take a break, you can do so conveniently from your online account by utilizing the built-in options for pausing your subscription, or skipping a renewal. In addition, should you need to cancel, you can do so hassle free from your online account. With GroomBox the choice is your! Want to receive a set size shear in one of our awesome themes? It is only $5 more a month! Keep it random and enjoy the surprise as every theme we drop comes in sizes 6" 7" and 8". Want to switch it up? You can change your selection at any time from your online account.

How are the boxes priced?

GroomBox Lite features a shear plus an add-in item that may or may not be grooming related. This option is great for those who work in corporate salons and those that to do not want or need the wet products. Each Lite shipment is valued at $99.99 and up! By subscribing, you get a hefty discount and help bring these creations to life for your fellow groomers. GroomBox Classic contains a shear plus 2-4 additional items such as shampoos and/or tools. Each Classic box sent is normally valued between $140-$170 to give you one of the best values in the industry! 

Are you ready to subscribe to GroomBox yet?