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Want only the shears? Choose GroomBox Lite. Want the full experience? Go with GroomBox Classic for the ultimate value!

GroomBox Classic

Discover GroomBox Classic – the ultimate monthly subscription for dog groomers since 2017. Each box includes an exclusive, high-quality grooming shear and 2-4 premium products like shampoos, sprays, and tools, valued at $140-$170. Elevate your grooming kit with items you can't find anywhere else. Choose your size or keep it random for the Classic experience. Perfect for groomers of all skill levels!

GroomBox Lite

Introducing GroomBox Lite, the ultimate subscription box tailored for professional dog groomers. Each month, receive a premium, exclusive grooming shear and a surprise item for one unbeatable low price. No commitments—just exceptional value, saving you $60 on top-quality shears not available anywhere else. Your first box normally ships within a week and is packed with subscriber favorites.

GroomBox Premium Monthly

GroomBox Premium is for those who want to have it all. Each box features a much wider variety over the Classic and Lite tiers. Subscribers can expect to receive 6-12 products on monthly basis. For wet products, expect to receive a wide assortment from each featured maker, and for tools, other variations that are not available in the other tiers. The Premium tier will give the best value monthly.

Your first box will be shipped in a few days after your initial sign-up, afterwards you will join the regular monthly rotation that ships at the end of each month. 

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