1 Year Shear Warranty

Shop with Confidence, we cover your shears for a full year!


GroomBox Standard Shear Warranty

GroomBox 1 Year Shear Warranty

We want you to know that GroomBox stands  behind the quality of the shears we produce for you, and we want you to  know that your shears are built to last. In the unlikely event that  warranty work is needed, you can be assured that GroomBox will make sure  to get you back up and running with your favorite shears.

Only shears that are purchased directly from GroomBox or its authorized agents qualify for any warranty services. 

All GroomBox shears are warranted against  manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.  Shears not purchased from GroomBox LLC or its authorized agents, do not  carry any warranty. This is only for the original purchaser, and you  must be able to verify the purchase with a copy of the receipt. This  warranty is non-transferable. 

For warranty claims, you(the purchaser) will pay for shipping costs to GroomBox or our selected sharpener. We will cover the costs of repair, and if the shears are found to be a  manufacturer defect and unrepairable, then GroomBox will replace the  shear with the same shear, or if not available, a similar model at  GroomBox’s discretion. GroomBox will cover the return shipping to you if  found to be a manufacturer defect. Cases of dropped shears, nicks from dirty fur, improper tension, lack of oiling, and misuse shall have return shipping paid by the  purchaser(you). If the shear can be repaired by the terms of this warranty, it will be repaired and returned at no cost for the repair to you. The turnaround time is approximately two weeks. If a shear is found  to not to be eligible for this warranty, we will hold your shear for up to 30 days before disposing of it, if you decide to not pay return shipping. Please note that shears ineligible for this warranty will be returned to you in the condition sent if you elect to not perform repair and/or replacement outside of this warranty, but only if you pay return  shipping costs to you.  

For Custom shears, these will be remade.  Please be aware that the production timeline is 60 to 120 days, so it will take some time. Our shears are not blanks, each shear we provide is  manufactured to GroomBox specifications and quality takes time. 

Cosmetic issues are not considered  warranty issues. This can be anything from logos to color imperfections  on the shears. Manufacturer defects are those that cannot be repaired and impact the performance of the shear, nothing else is covered under  this warranty. 

Normal wear and tear from use, misuse,  and customer abuse are not covered under this warranty. This includes dropped shears, those that are not properly maintained, those with nicks  from dirty fur, and other signs of misuse. This also includes setting  the tension too high or too loose and then causing your blades to hit each other. GroomBox and its selected sharpeners make all decisions together regarding warranty claims. 

Please reach out to info@groombox.co with any warranty concerns or claims. In the case that a shear is not  covered under warranty, reach out to us as we may be able to help in  other ways such as providing a discount on getting your Customs remade,  or discounts on other shears through Shear Rescue. We want you to shop with confidence  knowing that GroomBox has your back!