About Us

We are based in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. We started out in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We use as much eco-packaging as we can to reduce our footprint on the environment. We have manufacturers from several countries that we work with directly for different tools and accessories, both large and small. We are moving towards supporting smaller businesses as some of them make great products, yet are not known like larger brands. As a small business ourselves, we feel like supporting those like us is what makes us who we are. 

On a personal note: Our hobbies and those of our testers include photography, knitting, digital design, and spending time with our loved ones outside of work. We have extensive experience in e-commerce, grooming, photography, and business related areas. Need some help? Do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will see what we can do for you or your business. We can supply almost any item you need for your grooming salon. Our email is support@groomboxss.com 

This picture is from when we first started.

Our Origin and Mission

The idea of GroomBox came to be in 2017 when we were purchasing grooming tools and supplies. After spending hundreds of dollars on the tools that we needed, we realized there had to be a better way. Thus GroomBox was born. Since 2017 we have been providing quality grooming supplies and shears at an affordable price to all groomers. Our mission is to provide quality grooming tools and supplies for less. Never heard of us? That is because we spend money on what goes into the box. We do not sacrifice quality at the expense of our customers. Grooming tools are expensive, and our ultimate goal is to introduce custom manufactured products at an affordable price point in the industry.