Interested in being featured in an upcoming GroomBox?

With a national reach to groomers nationwide, we can expand your presence and brand recognition by getting your products directly into the hands of working professionals who will use them.  The hardest part for most products is getting them into the hands of groomers. GroomBox is the answer to this problem. Please note that we pay for every product that we put into the GroomBox to support our makers large and small. 

Send us an email to with your project information and pricing offered to get started, or use the contact form button at the bottom of this page. 

Please note under no circumstance, will GroomBox share customer information from or to those that participate in any vendor services. 

Vendors and Wholesale Information

GroomBox is not only a subscription box company, we can also serve most business needs. This includes the following:

  • Wholesale and Distributor Partnerships

We have a large network of industry leaders that we have done business with over the years. If you are looking for a supplier with an all in one capability to source everything that your business needs, then that is GroomBox. Our network includes large and small brands, and large and small manufacturers from around the world that are tried and true in the industry. 

  • Product Sourcing

Are you looking to find products that are difficult to source? GroomBox may be the answer for you! Our experience has allowed us to locate quality supplies from around the world such as clippers, grinders, brushes, combs, shears, shampoos, sprays, creative grooming products and more! Reach out today to see how we can not only find what you need, but save you money in the process!

  • Custom Manufacturing

Are you looking to have your own items produced? GroomBox has a large network of manufacturers from around the world that can meet your needs. Want a custom line of your own shears? Your company branded grooming tools and supplies? Reach out to us today with the details of your project and see how we can save your business time, money, and the headaches normally associated with custom manufacturing. 

  • Product Testing

Do you need feedback on a new product or one that needs brand recognition? GroomBox is the answer! With our network of testers and subscribers, GroomBox is able to ensure that items are used in professional salons and used long term prior to your launch to ensure that the product meets the needs of working professionals. GroomBox also does general in house testing of durability prior to sending to working professionals for further evaluation. 

  • Advertising

Reach the customers that you want to with advertisements in the monthly GroomBox. We can include your product samples or discount codes along with literature in each box. Each GroomBox is delivered to working professionals who will use your products and/or see your information! We are budget friendly for small businesses, please reach out with the details of your request to get started.

  • Custom-Built Kits

Are you needing grooming kits for your new groomers that will grow with them instead of becoming useless? GroomBox custom built kits are the answer! We can build custom kits with what you want in them instead of filler items. All top quality products that are tried and true such as blades, clippers, shears, tools, and more! No kit size too small, and no kit size too large! Reach out to us today and see how much we can save you!

  • Custom Shears

Are you wanting custom shears that you simply cannot seem to find? GroomBox is the answer! We work directly with our maker and can get any type of shear you need made. Sizes range from 4" to 10" with a variety of handle and blade options available such as chunkers, thinners, curved, microserrated, swivels, double swivels, reversible, and more! Please note that custom shears take approximately 90 days, so it is better to get started in advance!

  • Employee Bonus Packages

Do you need a way to reward your hard working groomers? GroomBox is the answer! We can build a box to fit any need and any budget. We can also direct ship boxes prepackaged and ready to go to your distribution network or recipients directly along with the literature that you need to include. Boxes start at as little as $30 depending upon order requirements and lead time. 

  • And More!

Send us an email to with the details of your request to get started, or use the contact form button below.